Valentine’s Day Science Reading: The BRAIN and Love


Student learn that the BRAIN causes love, not the heart!

Grades 7 and Up

Fun Valentine’s Day science reading for middle school!

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In this activity, students will:

  • READ an article about different symptoms of love (all middle school appropriate) and what causes these feelings – neurotransmitters. Students will get a basic introduction to these chemicals and the different effects they can have on the body.
  • ANSWER text-dependent reading comprehension questions.
  • Use the CLAIMS-EVIDENCE-REASONING format to declare which organ is responsible for love. Spoiler alert – it’s the brain, not the heart!

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Teacher Notes:

  • This resource is designed for a general middle school audience. Both the discussion of the symptoms of love and the science involved are appropriate for a young audience.
  • GO PAPERLESS!  Use the included digital Google Slides version!
  • Answer key included.
  • Makes an easy sub plan!
  • Please note that this Valentine’s Day science reading is not editable.
  • NGSS Standards Addressed: MS-LS1-3 and MS-LS1-8
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