Scientific Method Worksheets: Work of Famous Scientists


Students learn about two important scientists as they review the steps of the scientific method.

Grades 7 and Up

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TWO NATURE OF SCIENCE WORKSHEETS INCLUDED – highlight famous scientists and their discoveries to review the scientific method, hypothesis, and variables! Two ways to assign are provided – print and Google Slides.

NGSS Science and Engineering Practice: Asking Questions and Defining Problems

Scientists Included:

  • Sir Alexander Fleming – Penicillin
  • Dr. Eijkman – Vitamin B1

For each worksheet, students will:

  • READ a brief passage about the famous scientist’s major work, their hypotheses, experiments, and discoveries.
  • ANSWER follow-up questions related to the steps of the scientific method, independent and dependent variables, and conclusions.

Includes 2 print-and-go worksheets – great for homework assignments!

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