Back-to-School Themed Scientific Method Worksheet


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Grades 6 and Up

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Perfect for a back-to-school nature of science unit but fun for any time of year! In this activity, students review “If…Then” hypotheses, identify independent and dependent variables, and practice experimental design. Fun tidbits of school trivia are embedded in the questions for added interest. An engaging way to practice the scientific method!

Part 1: Gives students 7 fun questions such as “Most Japanese schools do not have janitors. Instead, students are expected to stay and help clean up the classroom when lessons are over. Do students who have to clean up their school also keep their bedrooms clean?” Students write an “If…Then” hypothesis for each scenario and identify the independent and dependent variables within their statements.

Part 2: Students design experiments for 3 school-related questions. For example, they would design an experiment for the following: “Did you know that before pencil erasers were added in 1858, people got rid of pencil markings with white bread crumbs? Which would erase pencil markings better, an eraser or white bread crumbs?” Students design an experiment, list some controls, and identify the independent and dependent variables for each.

Teacher Notes:

  • NGSS Science and Engineering Practice: Asking Questions and Defining Problems
  • Answer key included.
  • GO PAPERLESS! Use the included digital Google Slides version!
  • Please note that this resource is not editable.


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