Scientific Method Quiz


Assess student understanding of the steps of the scientific method, independent and dependent variables, and proper experimental design.

Grades 7 and Up


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More than a “definition-style” scientific method quiz – get kids THINKING! Plus, DIFFERENTIATED versions are provided!

Four different versions of the quiz are included, each with a varying degree of difficulty. Choose which one fits best for your needs!

Topics Covered:

  • Steps of the scientific method (focus question, background research, hypothesis, experiment, conclusion)
  • Independent and dependent variables; controls
  • Proper experimental design

The quizzes are differentiated:

  • Quiz #1 is 10 questions from a word bank.
  • Quiz #2 has 10 questions; 3 from a word bank and 7 multiple-choice.
  • Quiz #3 has 25 questions; 10 from a word bank and 15 multiple-choice.
  • Quiz #4 has 10 multiple-choice questions.

Teacher Notes:

  • NGSS Science and Engineering Practice: Asking Questions and Defining Problems
  • Answer keys are always included.
  • Please note that these quizzes are not editable.


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