Black Female Scientist Biography with Worksheet


Everyone should know her name and accomplishments!

Grades 7 and Up

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Dr. Jane C. Wright was an African American doctor during a time when females, especially Black women, were shunned by most in the science fields. Despite this, she revolutionized cancer research, and her work has had implications for cancer treatment to this day. Dr. Jane C. Wright is a woman whose scientific accomplishments should be celebrated!


In this assignment, students will:

  • READ a biography about the life and scientific accomplishments of Dr. Jane Wright.
  • ANSWER text-dependent reading comprehension questions.

Teacher Notes:

  • GO PAPERLES! A link to the Google Slides version of this activity is provided in the downloadable PDF.
  • Save time and paper by making just one class set of the biography page (1 sheet of paper front/back) and reuse them class-to-class.
  • This Black female scientist biography is not editable.
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