5 Emergency Science Sub Plans: FUN Top 10 Lists of Science


SO FUN and SO EASY TO USE as sub plans!

Grades 7 and Up

This bundle includes 5 emergency science sub plans that can be used in any secondary science class at any time. Students read an engaging article about a “Top 10 List” of science and then answer text-dependent questions.

Resources Included In this Bundle:

  • Top 10 Chemicals that Have Changed History
  • Top 10 Engineering Feats of All Time
  • Top 10 Scientists You Should Know (FREE BONUS)
  • Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs of All Time
  • Top 10 Scientific Laws and Theories that Changed the World

Every included resource includes an ENGAGING ARTICLE and a worksheet with FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS to answer.

These resources are the PERFECT emergency science sub plan because:

  • No prior knowledge is required – all of the answers to questions appear in the text.
  • The general science content is applicable to any upper middle school or high school science course.
  • Answer keys are included, so your sub can easily review the correct answers.
  • These activities can be assigned on either paper (with the included PDF) or directly through Google Classroom (with the included Google Slides version).
  • The articles are ENGAGING which means your sub will have less of an issue keeping kids on task (hopefully!).

Teacher Notes:

  • Links to the Google Slides versions are included in the downloadable PDFs.
  • Please note: These resources are NOT editable.
  • Answer keys are included.
  • Get TONS of ready-to-go emergency science sub plans in our MEGA BUNDLE!


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