Real World Uses of Magnets Reading and Worksheet


This uses of magnets article gives students a REAL-WORLD CONNECTION to what they’re learning!

Grades 7 and Up

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Students will read about how magnets are used in the world around us – from electric motors to speakers to MRI machines.

Includes both PRINT and DIGITAL versions!

In this activity, students will:

  • READ a 2-page article about the top 10 ways we use magnets in the real world. Each use is covered in one paragraph.
  • ANSWER text-dependent questions. All of the answers can be found in the text, so no prior knowledge is required.

Teacher Notes:

  • This activity is perfect as a MAGNETS SUB PLAN because it is a self-contained lesson.
  • Related Standards: MS-PS2-3 and MS-PS2-5
  • Please note: this document is not editable.


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