Elements Compounds and Mixtures Activity: CER


Learn more about specific elements, compounds, and mixtures with an engaging claims and evidence format.

Grades 7 and Up

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Classification of Matter Activity – students read 3 short and engaging informational text passages about an element, a compound, and a mixture, then complete a CER for each section using evidence from the text for each one.

Includes PRINT and GOOGLE versions!

The CERs focus on evidence of the substance being an element, a compound, or a mixture. Each of the 3 sections (1 page each) includes:

  • Short, engaging text passage with background information and properties
  • Claims-Evidence-Reasoning question
  • Follow up questions

Engaging Passage Topics Include:

  • Multi-million dollar rose gold eggs
  • Gallium pranks
  • The hazards of dihydrogen monoxide

We find this a helpful practice for standardized tests because it requires using background knowledge and information from text to arrive at an answer.

Teacher Notes:

  • Related standards: NGSS MS-PS1-1
  • Please note that this elements, compounds, and mixtures activity is not editable.


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