Halloween Science Activity: Bats Article and Worksheet


Students learn more about bats and compare their homologous structures to humans.

Grades 6 – 8


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In this October activity, students read about bats, their diets, their role in ecosystems, and learn how bat and human bone structures are similar (homologous) to each other.

NO PREP! Includes Google Slides and printable PDF!

In this activity, students will:

  • READ “Beautiful Bats“, written specifically for a middle school audience. The article combines scientific facts with tidbits middle school students will enjoy such as “Bats turn right-side-up to stay clean when they poop”.
  • DEFINE important vocabulary from the text using context clues.
  • ANSWER text-dependent questions.
  • MATCH HOMOLOGOUS STRUCTURES of bat and human skeletons.

Teacher Notes:

  • GO PAPERLESS! This activity includes a Google Slides version!
  • Makes a great sub plan in October.
  • Answer key included.
  • Save copies by making just one class set of the article page and reusing it class-to-class.
  • Please note that this resource is not editable.
  • Related NGSS Standard: MS-LS4-2.
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