Set of 4 Halloween Science Activities for Middle School


REAL science lessons for REAL Halloween fun!

Grades 6 and Up

SAVE OVER 30% OFF LIST PRICES! Includes 4 great NO PREP Halloween science activities for middle school.

Each activity includes both a print and a Google Slides version.

Included Resources List:

  1. Halloween Hypothesis & Variables Review
  2. Bat Biology Reading & Questions
  3. Calculate & Graph Energy of a Pumpkin Toss (no pumpkins used)
  4. Halloween Periodic Table Decoder Activity

Resource Descriptions:

Halloween Hypothesis & Variables Review: In this activity, students will:

  • Part 1 – Write a hypothesis for Halloween-themed scenarios and identify independent and dependent variables.
  • Part 2 – Design simple experiments for humorous Halloween-related hypotheses.

Fun tidbits of real Halloween trivia are embedded in the questions for added interest!

NGSS Science & Engineering Practice: Asking Questions, Defining Problems, Planning & Carrying Out Investigations

Bat Biology Reading & Questions: In this activity, students will:

  • READ “Beautiful Bats,” written specifically for a middle school audience. The article combines scientific facts with tidbits middle school students will enjoy, such as “Bats turn right-side-up to stay clean when they poop”.
  • DEFINE vocabulary from the text using context clues.
  • ANSWER text-dependent questions.
  • MATCH HOMOLOGOUS STRUCTURES of bat and human skeletons.

NGSS Standard: MS-LS4-2 (homologous structures and evolution)

Calculate & Graph Energy of a Pumpkin Toss: NO PREP AND NO ACTUAL PUMPKINS REQUIRED! In this activity, students will:

  • READ about a real contest where pumpkins are launched from air cannons and about a real pumpkin pie tossing contest.
  • CALCULATE kinetic energy given the mass of different pumpkins if launched from an air cannon. Also, calculate the kinetic energy of each tossed pie given their velocity. (The equation is given, so no prior knowledge is required.)
  • GRAPH the data.

NGSS Standards: MS-PS3-1 and MS-PS2-2 (mass, speed, and kinetic energy).

Halloween Periodic Table Decoder Activity: Use the Periodic Table as a “decoder” for Halloween words! Use element atomic numbers and symbols to decode words or phrases associated with Halloween, such as spooky, screams, black cat, etc. There are 30 words/phrases in total.

NGSS Standard: MS-PS1-1 (matter)

Teacher Notes:

  • GO PAPERLESS! Each of these activities also includes Google Slides versions!
  • All answer keys are included.
  • Please note: these Halloween science activities for middle school are not editable.
  • Find lots more fun stuff in the holidays and fun section of our shop!


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