Classification of Matter Activities Bundle


6 fun classification of matter activities!

Grades 7 and Up

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Spice up your elements, compounds, and mixtures unit with these LOW PREP and ENGAGING activities.

Included Resources:

  1. Inquiry-Based Introduction to Classification of Matter
  2. EASY SUPPLIES Lab Activity
  3. Classification of Matter Claims Evidence Reasoning Activity
  4. Devise a Plan to Separate a Mixture (Great as a poster project!)
  5. Separating Mixtures at the FBI (Great real-world connection!)
  6. 50 Classifying Matter Review Cards (FREE BONUS)

Individual Product Descriptions:

Inquiry-Based Introduction to Classification of MatterTWO VERSIONS! Use as an inquiry-based introduction OR a review/reinforcement of elements, compounds, and mixtures and how to read both molecular drawings and chemical formulas.

EASY SUPPLIES Lab ActivityThis investigation puts a CLASSIFYING MATTER spin on the popular separating iron from breakfast cereal lab. This is the same procedure that is commonly used; however, this resource focuses on highlighting the ELEMENTS, COMPOUNDS, and MIXTURES in cereal.

Classification of Matter Claims Evidence Reasoning ActivityThe CERs focus on evidence of the substance being an element, a compound, or a mixture.

Each of the 3 Sections (1 page each) Include:

  • Short, engaging text passage with background information and properties
  • Claims-Evidence-Reasoning question
  • Follow up questions

Devise a Plan to Separate a MixtureGreat as a poster project! NO PREP! Students are told of a mixture and must make a plan to separate it. Basic knowledge of the difference between elements, compounds, and mixtures is required, as well as a simple understanding of density.

Separating Mixtures at the FBIIn this activity, students will:

  • Read a high-interest 2-slide article about how chromatography, a process used to separate mixtures, is forensic science used to solve major crimes for the FBI.
  • Complete a 2-slide analysis of the text, which includes 12 text-dependent questions and a flow chart.

50 Classifying Matter Review Cards: (FREE BONUS) This document provides 50 test review question cards for classification of matter. Pairs of students ask each other the questions on the cards to prepare for a test, or as a general review.

Teacher Notes:

  • All answer keys included.
  • Please note: these classification of matter activities are not editable.


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