Complete Classification of Matter Notes Set


Includes 5 Presentations with 5 Corresponding Cloze Worksheets

Grades 7-10


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Students will learn how to classify matter into pure substances (elements and compounds) and mixtures.  Contains every presentation you’ll need to cover NGSS MS-PS1-1. Each thorough and FULLY EDITABLE presentation (in PowerPoint) includes a student cloze sheet (PDF)  to take notes on.

PowerPoint Presentations Included:

  • Atoms (12 slides)
  • Elements and the Periodic Table (15 slides)
  • Overview of Pure Substances vs. Mixtures (16 slides)
  • Compounds (14 slides)
  • Mixtures (10 slides)

Teacher Notes:

  • Includes 5 presentations and 5 corresponding cloze worksheets.
  • The information included is MIDDLE SCHOOL level.
  • Includes answer keys.
  • Check out more resources in the classifying matter section of our shop!


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