Set of 3 Sexual and Asexual Reproduction Worksheets


Assign in PRINT or as GOOGLE SLIDES!

Grades 6-8


3 Separate NGSS-based worksheets included! Great for reinforcement, homework, or test review! 

Worksheet #1: Fill in the blanks, modified true and false, and identify pictures of different types of reproduction (2 pages)

Worksheet #2: Concept map, identify examples of sexual or asexual reproduction, Venn diagram (2 pages)

Worksheet #3: Short answer and open response questions (3 pages)

Topics Covered Include: sexual vs. asexual reproduction, gametes, somatic vs. sex cells, zygote, haploid vs. diploid, fertilization, vegetative propagation, budding, binary fission, pollination, fragmentation, genetic variation in offspring

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