Complete Excretory System Unit


Comprehensive and Engaging Excretory System Unit

Grades 7 and Up


This unit is a part of our Complete Human Body Systems Curriculum!

These resources are a DONE FOR YOU solution to teaching the excretory system! Includes FUN and ENGAGING activities, an introductory presentation in both PPT and Google Slides, and a final check-in quiz.

This Bundle Includes:

Presentation (with Cloze notes) to introduce the excretory system

Thorough “Information Stations” activity to explore the excretory system

Make a model of a kidney activity (supplies: coffee filters, plastic cups, food coloring, glitter)

10 Question excretory system quiz

Teacher Notes:

  • All answer keys included.
  • Please contact [email protected] with any questions!
  • This excretory system unit is appropriate for upper middle school or an introductory level high school class.
  • Other than the included presentation, these resources are NOT editable.
  • Check out more resources in the human body systems section of our shop!


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