Periodic Table Quiz for Middle School


Two Different Periodic Table Quizzes with Two Versions Each!

Grades 6-8


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Quiz Version One (10 questions): Simple and straightforward, this elements quiz asks students to identify the following of given elements:

  • Atomic number
  • Atomic mass
  • Symbol
  • Number of neutrons
  • Number of protons

Quiz Version Two (20 questions): This quiz has the 10 questions of Version One PLUS 10 multiple choice questions that add questions about:

  • Definition of an atom
  • Protons, neutrons, electrons
  • Groups are columns and share properties
  • Periods are rows and have the same number of energy levels
  • Mendeleev developed the periodic table

There are 2 versions of EACH quiz (4 total). They are cleverly different yet look identical. Wandering eyes will see a quiz that looks like their own, but has different answers.

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