Periodic Table Families and Periodic Trends Activity


Give students a better understanding of the families of the periodic table – without over-complicating it!

Grades 7-10

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This activity has 2 parts:

  • PART ONE: Students complete a grid with information about families such as group number, elements in the group, the reactivity of the group, examples of this group in “the real world”, etc. They color-code each family using colored pencils.
  • PART TWO: Students fill in a blank periodic table with element symbols, row numbers, and group numbers. The table is color-coded with the same family colors as students used the first part to show related elements.

There are TWO WAYS that students can gather the information for this activity:

  • Students can use the internet to research the information requested.
  • Students can use the PROVIDED reference document that contains all necessary information.

Teacher Notes:

  • This resource is designed to give students an OVERVIEW of the families and is best suited for upper middle schoolers. It is likely not appropriate for higher-level chemistry classes unless used as a review.
  • Between finding the information, color coding both sides, and filling in the periodic table, this worksheet is pretty time-consuming.
  • ANSWER KEY and printable PERIODIC TABLE included.
  • Please note that this periodic trends activity is not editable.
  • Check out more resources in the periodic table section of our shop!


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