Newton’s Laws CER Activity Worksheet and Stations


Spark some critical thinking!

Grades 7 and Up

Assign this Newton’s Laws CER Activity to have students practice data analysis and making claims from evidence!

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In this activity, students will:

  • READ a brief passage about a science scenario.
  • ANALYZE a simple data table, graph, or picture.
  • Make a CLAIM based on EVIDENCE for a question related to Newton’s Laws.

Three Ways to Assign!

  1. As Stations: Great for getting kids moving around the room! Each of the 13 station cards has a brief description of scenario and a data table, graph, or picture. Students complete a Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning grid for a question at each of the 13 stations.
  2. As a Worksheet: Great for individual student practice! Students read a short description of a science scenario and analyze the data to complete a Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning grid for each data set.
  3. Digitally: A Google Slides version of this activity is included.

This activity covers the middle school-level concepts of:

  • Inertia and Newton’s First Law
  • Newton’s Second Law, including very simple F=MA calculations
  • Newton’s Third Law (action/reaction)

Teacher Notes:

  • Please note that this Newton’s Laws CER activity is not editable.
  • NGSS Science and Engineering Practice: Asking Questions and Defining Problems
  • NGSS Content Standards: MS-PS2-1 and MS-PS2-2


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