Newton’s Laws of Motion Complete Unit


Complete and Comprehensive AVTIVITY-BASED Newton’s Laws Unit

Grades 7 and Up


This bundle includes every resource we use to teach and assess Newton’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd laws. All of the work has been done for you – from start to finish!

These 12 resources form a COMPLETE AND COMPREHENSIVE UNIT, including:

Editable Presentation

6 Varied Supporting Activities

4 Varied Assessments

(Bonus) Sub Plan

This unit includes the following LESSONS:

  1. Newton’s Laws PowerPoint with Cloze Sheet (with Google Slides option)
  2. First Law: Graphing Inertia (with Google Slides option)
  3. First Law: Hands-on Stations
  4. Second Law: Graphing F=MA (with Google Slides option)
  5. Second Law: Hands-On Lab
  6. Third Law: 2 Truths and a Lie Activity (with Google Slides option)
  7. Third Law: Hands-On Stations
  8. Newton’s Laws Worksheet (with Google Slides option)
  9. Poster Project
  10. Newton’s Laws Quiz
  11. Newton’s Laws Test
  12. Sub Plan: Isaac Newton Biography and Questions (with Google option)

Supplies Required for this Unit:

  • For 1st Law Stations: small box, marble, Lego person, small cart, toy car, pennies, books, beaker or cup, index card, glass flask or bottle, hoop, metal nuts or popcorn kernels
  • For 2nd Law Lab: physics carts (or similar with wheels that can be pulled), fishing weights (or any other weights), spring scales, balance or digital scale, rulers, marbles, plastic or paper cups, pennies, elastics
  • For 3rd Law Stations: 2 spring scales, 10 pennies, flexible straws, pins, pencils with erasers, balloons, tape, 2 bathroom scales, 2 soda cans, string, bucket or sink, scissors
  • ALL OTHER ACTIVITIES are paper-based.

Teacher Notes:


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