Holiday/Christmas Science Activity Bundle


Suitable for public school & NO PREP, just copies!

All included activities offer both print and digital options to assign.

Grades 7 and Up


  1. Green Grouch’s Garden – Holiday Plants Reading & Analysis
  2. Holiday Hypothesis and Variables Practice
  3. Holiday Experimental Design Practice
  4. Holiday Periodic Table Activity
  5. Reindeer Adaptations & Homologous Structures

Note: These documents do NOT contain the word Christmas or any religious references and are suitable for use in a public school with diverse students.

Product Descriptions:

Holiday Hypothesis and Variables Practice: Students review “If…Then” hypotheses, identify independent and dependent variables with a winter/holiday theme.

Holiday Experimental Design Practice: Students design experiments for 6 humorous holiday-related hypotheses. They describe an experiment, list some controls, and identify the independent and dependent variables for each.

Holiday Periodic Table Activity: Use element atomic numbers and symbols to decode words associated with the winter holiday season, such as Icicles, Scrooge, Candy Cane, etc.

Reindeer Adaptations & Homologous Structures: Compare reindeer bones and human bones, and learn about interesting reindeer adaptations. In this activity, students will:

  • READ an engaging article (middle school level) about reindeer, their diet, adaptations, and relationship with peoples of the Arctic.
  • ANSWER text-dependent reading comprehension questions.
  • MATCH HOMOLOGOUS STRUCTURES of humans and reindeer from provided diagrams. No prior knowledge required.

Green Grouch’s Garden – Holiday Plants Reading & Analysis: Learn more about the biology of plants we traditionally see during December, and why they may be favorites of a GREEN HOLIDAY GROUCH! In this activity, students will:

  • READ an engaging article about holiday plants (poinsettia, mistletoe, holly, and more), learning a little about each one, including its scientific name, where it is native to, and just a few fun details about it. The “hook” is that each of these plants has a bit of a darker side, some of them being toxic, an invasive species, or leading to habitat destruction – things a GROUCH might like them for!
  • COMPLETE a graphic organizer with information about the plants.
  • ANSWER text-dependent reading comprehension questions.

Teacher Notes:

  • Please note: These resources are NOT editable.
  • GO PAPERLESS! Use the included digital Google Slides versions of these activities.
  • Find lots more fun stuff in the holidays and fun section of our shop!


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