Elements and the Periodic Table CER Activity


Spark some critical thinking!
Grades 7 and Up

In this periodic table CER activity, students use the Claims Evidence Reasoning format to review and reinforce the structure of atoms and the basics of how the periodic table is organized, especially atomic number and atomic mass.

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In this activity, students will:

  • Part One: Read a passage about how atoms are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons, and the basic structure of an atom. They’ll learn how to read the atomic number and atomic mass from each box on the periodic table.
  • Part Two: Analyze a brief passage with a picture to make a CLAIM based on EVIDENCE.

There are 10 total CERs to complete!

Three Ways to Assign!

  1. As Stations: Great for getting kids moving around the room! Each of the 10 station cards has a brief passage or picture. Students complete a Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning grid on a worksheet for a question at each of the 10 stations.
  2. As a Worksheet: Great for individual student practice! Students read a short passage or analyze a picture to complete a Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning grid for each data set.
  3. Digitally: A Google Slides version of this activity is included.

Teacher Notes:

  • The reading included is best used as a review, not as the first time students ever interact with this information.
  • ANSWER KEY included with download.
  • Please note that this periodic table CER activity is not editable.


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