Earth’s Layers Activity Set


Engaging lessons on Earth’s layers!

Grades 7 and Up

This Earth’s Layers Activity Set includes:

  1. Reading and Worksheet
  2. Model Earth’s Layers to Scale
  3. Earth’s Layers Quiz

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Resource Details:

Reading and Worksheet: Read about the layers inside Earth, including their key elements, temperatures, width, and other features. Students will also learn about the basics of how scientists can study them, including using seismic waves and modeling. Students then answer text-dependent questions. No prior knowledge is required! All information is in the text.

Model Earth’s Layers to Scale Activity: In this activity, students will convert the actual thickness of Earth’s layers from kilometers to scaled centimeters (super simple math). Then, they’ll follow step-by-step instructions to create each layer, add labels, and color their model. The steps are easy to follow and clear!

Earth’s Layers Quiz: This 10-question quiz covers the basics of the layers of the Earth, but asks questions in a way that mimics how standardized tests generally ask questions about this topic. The first 4 questions require basic understanding of the positions of each layer, but the last 6 questions require some thinking or analysis of simple graphs (middle school level).

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