Weathering and Erosion Worksheet


Reflect the RIGOR of NGSS with this standards-based erosion and weathering worksheet!

Grades 7 and Up

This weathering and erosion worksheet has 4 CONTENT-DENSE PAGES!

Topics covered include:

  • Physical and chemical weathering
  • Types of erosion (wind, water, glaciers)
  • Deposition

This worksheet includes diagrams to analyze, prior standardized test questions from various tests, and multiple-choice questions that require more analysis than a typical matching or vocabulary worksheet.

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Teacher Notes:

  • 4 printable pages (2 front/back)
  • Please note: this weathering and erosion worksheet is not editable.
  • Supports NGSS MS-ESS2-1 and MS-ESS2-2.
  • Check out more resources in the Earth’s changing surface section of our shop!


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