Uneven Distribution of Natural Resources Webquest Activity


Includes both PRINT and digital GOOGLE SLIDES versions!

Grades 7 and Up

This 5-part distribution of natural resources webquest focuses on natural resources and human impact – each section with its own website to explore. This activity is much more interesting and engaging than typical “fill in the blank” activities. Supports NGSS MS-ESS3-1.

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Overall, the activity addresses 3 major topics:

  1. What are different natural resources used for?
  2. Where in the world are different natural resources found?
  3. How are natural resources being depleted?

The focus of each section is as follows:

  • Part 1 – Overview of natural resources
  • Part 2 – Use actual CIA intel to learn the significant resources of different countries
  • Part 3 – Interact with a statistics website about world resource production.
  • Part 4 – Look at online “tickers” to see how fast resources are being used.
  • Part 5 – Read about what we can do to conserve natural resources.

PLEASE NOTE: Each section has its own website, so if one website is “down”, it won’t affect the whole webquest experience. PLUS, the vast majority of questions can be answered through Google in a pinch.

Teacher Notes:

  • A link to the Google Slides version is in the downloadable PDF.
  • Please note that this webquest is not editable.
  • Get this webquest at a discount in our Distribution of Natural Resources Unit!


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