Gravity and Gravitational Interactions Worksheet


Rigorous worksheet!

Grades 7 and Up


3 CONTENT-DENSE PAGES that reflect NGSS rigor – 18 question standards-based gravity worksheet for homework, test prep, or class review.

Related Standards: NGSS MS-PS2-4 and ESS1-2

Questions focus on the relationship between distance, mass, and gravitational force. There are many diagrams and graphs to analyze, making this much more than a definitions worksheet. This worksheet will challenge your students to think critically!

We have found that most gravity worksheets available are too simple OR too hard for NGSS middle school standards. Our solution was to take the available questions from middle school state standardized tests (and some of our own) and prepare them into one concise, easy-to-print document. We resized, organized, consolidated, and made the document easy to copy and correct.

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