Graphing Climate Data Activity


Students analyze real climate change data to come to their own conclusions!

Grades 7 and Up

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Students generate and analyze graphs using real data from both ice cores dating back 400,000 years and modern times. Students complete a detailed analysis of each graph and complete a CER section.

*** Updated in 2024!*** Now includes two differentiated versions! The standard version has less data to graph and simplified graphs. The more rigorous version has more data points and more advanced graphs.

In both versions of this activity, students will:

  • READ about how scientists obtain historical climate data from ice cores, the source of modern data, and an explanation of units used for carbon dioxide and temperature.
  • ANSWER text-dependent questions to check for understanding.
  • GRAPH data on pre-labeled graphs. One graph uses a data set from ice core records and the other uses data dating back to the 1950s. Both sets of data include carbon dioxide and temperature information.
  • COMPLETE a Claims-Evidence-Reasoning section and answer analysis questions.

Resource Includes:

  • Background Information Article
  • Ice Core Data Set
  • Modern Data Set
  • Graph Templates
  • Student Sheet w/Detailed Analysis and CER

Looking for a simpler way to cover climate change graphs? Try this Climate Change Graphs Worksheet!

Related Standards:

  • NGSS ESS3-5
  • NGSS MS-ESS3-4
  • NGSS Science & Engineering Practices: Analyzing and interpreting data; Using mathematics and computational thinking; Engaging in argument from evidence

Teacher Notes:

  • INCLUDES ANSWER KEY and examples of student work.
  • Please note: This graphing climate data activity is NOT editable.


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