Scientific Method Activity: Design a Controlled Experiment


Practice designing controlled experiments from real-world questions.

Grades 7 and Up

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NO PREP! Get kids THINKING about how they can put the Scientific Method to use in real life! Perfect addition to a middle school level Nature of Science Unit.

NGSS Science and Engineering Practice: Asking Questions and Defining Problems

Each worksheet (there are 2 provided) gives students 8 interesting questions such as “Are people who wear perfume more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes?” and “Does feeding a horse sugar cubes give it cavities?”. Students will:

  • READ each question.
  • WRITE A HYPOTHESIS for each question.
  • DESIGN AN EXPERIMENT that could be performed to test their hypothesis. They state the independent variable and dependent variable then describe controls that would need to be put into place.

Teacher Notes:

  • There are 2 versions of this scientific method activity, with 8 new questions each. Each version is 3 pages long.
  • Please note that this resource is not editable. Sample answers included.
  • Check out more resources in the scientific processes section of our shop!


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