Scientific Method Activity: NO PREP Investigation (Eye on the Problem)


This activity leads students step-by-step through the scientific method as they design and perform a simple experiment.

Grades 7 and Up


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NGSS Science and Engineering Practice: Asking Questions and Defining Problems

In this activity, students will put the scientific method to use. The student sheet leads them through the following steps:

  • Read a provided PROBLEM: “How does light affect the pupils of your eyes?”.
  • Read BACKGROUND INFORMATION about the problem.
  • Write a HYPOTHESIS.
  • DESIGN AN EXPERIMENT. Students must outline their procedure, independent variable, dependent variable, and their controls.
  • PERFORM THEIR EXPERIMENT and collect data.
  • Write a CONCLUSION.
  • Answer follow-up questions.

Teacher Notes:

  • This lab does not require any materials but needs to be done in student pairs.
  • Please note that this resource is not editable.
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