Science Game and Activity Bundle


Tons of fun – all based in authentic science!

Great for all secondary science classrooms!

This set of 4 activities is designed to add ENGAGEMENT while fostering relationship building. All activities are based on REAL SCIENCE, but the kids will just think they’re FUN.

Great for those days you need something to do after a test, before a vacation, the beginning or end of the school year – or any time you want to have some science-based fun!

Included Activities:

  • Would You Rather Science Game
  • Build Science Words Interactive Activity
  • 2 Truths and a Lie Science Activity
  • “Get to Know You” Science Class Style (FREE BONUS)

Resource Descriptions:

Would You Rather Science Game: Students are asked to pick between two science-based ideas – and often the choice is a difficult one! The cards range from silly to serious and are all thought-provoking. This resource includes 108 “Would You Rather?” cards, each related to general NGSS middle school science topics. Play in pairs or a whole class, use as “brain breaks”, or as literacy writing prompts.

Build Science Words Interactive Activity: Build collaboration skills as students work together to construct science words from their root parts. 144 cards are included, which build 48 science words.

2 Truths and a Lie Science Activity: Stimulate fun science-based conversations! Pairs or groups of students get a set of “2 Truths and a Lie” cards and discuss which statement they believe is a lie and which are truths. Then they turn the card over to reveal which statement was the lie (and why) and learn a bit more information about all 3 statements. There are 55 “2 Truths and a Lie” cards provided.

“Get to Know You” Science Class Style (FREE BONUS): Students interview each other about different topics related to science – the scientific names of their pet types, the science careers they could be interested in, funny situations where gravity has affected them, etc. A Science Reference Sheet is provided to help students understand pet scientific names, branches of science, and science careers. Students have a lot more fun with this than the same old “get to know you” activities they do in every other class!

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