Science CER Practice Bundle


Money-Saving CER Bundle!

Grades 7 and Up

BUY 2 GET 1 FREE! Students get science CER practice by analyzing data and writing claims from evidence.
In these activities, students will:
  • READ a brief passage about a science scenario.
  • ANALYZE a very simple data table.
  • Make a CLAIM based on EVIDENCE for a related question.
These CER activities are designed to get kids practicing CER, not learning content. No prior content knowledge is required. Students are able to make a claim based on the information in the text and data table alone.
Three Ways to Assign!
  1. As Stations: Great for getting kids moving around the room! Each set of 8 station cards (24 total cards in this bundle) has a brief description of science scenario and a data table. Students complete a Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning grid for a question related to each of the 8 data sets. Three separate station activities are included in this set.
  2. As a Worksheet: Great for individual student practice! Students read a short description of a science scenario and analyze the data to complete a Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning grid for each data set. Three separate worksheets are included in this set.
  3. Digitally: A Google Slides version of this activity is included. Three separate Google Slides activities are included in this set.
Topics Included: (Remember, the focus is on CER, not science content!)
  • CER Set #1 Topics: fertilizer and apples, car speed and ramp angle, fish growth and acidity, gravity and astronaut blood pressure, diet and blood iron levels, guitar strings and note sustain, peacock tail feathers and protein in food, tides and moon phases
  • CER Set #2 Topics: deforestation and orangutans, car speed and stopping distance, star surface temperature and brightness, straws in the ocean and marine mammals, planet distance from the Sun and length of year, density of real gold and fake gold, sleep hours and reaction time, air pressure and altitude
  • CER Set #3 Topics: materials that make good insulators, cricket chirps and temperature, vaping and lung damage, atmospheric carbon dioxide over time, classifying objects as planets, gravitational potential energy and height, age of ocean floor and distance from mid-ocean ridge, DNA base pairs
Teacher Notes:
  • Answer keys are always included!
  • Please note: These science CER practice resources are not editable.
  • NGSS Science and Engineering Practice: Asking Questions and Defining Problems
  • You may also be interested in our fun Scientific Method Unit!


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