Periodic Trends Activity Bundle


3 Engaging Activities!

Grades 7 and Up

This periodic trends activity bundle has 3 engaging resources that will give your students a better understanding of patterns in the periodic table.

But without over-complicating it!

This Bundle Includes 3 Periodic Trends Resources:

  1. Reading & Worksheet: Students read an introduction to how the periodic table is organized into groups (families) and periods, and that an element’s traits can be predicted by its position on the periodic table. (This activity includes a Google Slides version.)
  2. CER Activity: Use the claims evidence and reasoning format to review trends in the periodic table and element families and periods. Includes diagrams to examine and 12 separate claims to make. (This activity includes a Google Slides version.)
  3. Element Families Activity: Students gather information (provided) about element families, including the reactivity of the group and examples of this family in “the real world,” and use this information to color code a periodic table.

Perfect for MIDDLE SCHOOL!

This resource is NOT designed to teach the detailed specifics of each element family. While these resources will address characteristics of element families, the main intent is to give kids an understanding that patterns occur within the periodic table (periodicity).

Teacher Notes:

  • Check out our “done for you” COMPLETE PERIODIC TABLE UNIT!
  • ANSWER KEY and printable PERIODIC TABLE included.
  • Please note that the resources in this periodic trends activity bundle are not editable.


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