Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion Activity: Hands-On Stations



Grades 7 and Up

Get this Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion Activity at a discount in our Newton’s Laws Unit!

Students play with common supplies to experience one of Newton’s Laws of Motion firsthand. Easy and engaging!

In this activity, students will:

  • MOVE THROUGH 6 STATIONS. The station cards lead them independently through 6 simple activities. Each activity demonstrates Newton’s 3rd law in a different way.
  • COMPLETE THE STUDENT SHEET. As they visit each station, they complete a student sheet with analysis questions.

Supply List: 2 spring scales, 10 pennies, flexible straws, pins, pencils with erasers, balloons, tape, 2 bathroom scales, 2 soda cans, string, bucket or sink, scissors

Many of these supplies can easily be substituted for something similar. And, there’s enough content here that if you need to skip a station due to supplies, the students will still have a solid hands-on experience with Newton’s Third Law with the remaining stations.

P.S. This is NOT just another balloon rocket activity!

Related NGSS Standards:

  • MS-PS2-1 and MS-PS2-2
  • NGSS Science & Engineering Practices: Planning and carrying out investigations; Analyzing and interpreting data; Engaging in argument from evidence

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