Newton’s Laws and Motion Test


This is more than a “definition style” force and Newton’s laws of motion exam!

Grades 6 – 8

Get kids THINKING!  This Newton’s Laws and Motion test has diagrams and simple graphs to analyze, and the questions mimic how NGSS-based standardized tests generally ask about this topic.

This middle school-level test includes 29 multiple-choice questions and one multiple-part open-response question covering:

  • Speed, simple speed graphs, and acceleration (15 questions)
  • Newton’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Laws (14 questions)

The multiple-part open response question requires students to generate (from given data) a simple speed graph and analyze it.

Less copies and easier to correct – save time with our test packet format! This test is designed to have a test question packet (2 pages front/back) and a separate front/back answer sheet. This way you only have to make one class set of copies of the test question packet. All answers are recorded only on the answer sheet.

For a test that only covers Newton’s Laws, CLICK HERE.

For a test that only covers speed and speed graphs, CLICK HERE.

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