Interesting and Fun Space Facts Astronomy Reading and Worksheet


Makes an engaging and self-contained astronomy sub plan!

Grades 7 and Up

This is now a TOP 15 LIST! Students read about the top 15 weirdest and most interesting facts about objects in our solar system, galaxies, the universe, and space travel… and the science behind them

Includes both print and Google Slides options to assign!

In this activity, students will:

  • READ Top 15 Weirdest Space Facts to learn more about some of the more off-beat and cool space facts and the science behind them.
  • DEFINE vocabulary terms embedded in the text, such as comet, galaxy, black hole, etc.
  • ANSWER text-dependent questions. No prior knowledge is required.

Examples of the Fun Astronomy Facts:

  • Something is stealing parts of our Milky Way galaxy. The guilty culprit is the Great Attractor…
  • A galaxy named Dragonfly 44 is called a “ghost galaxy” because of its unique and mysterious properties…
  • Jupiter is referred to as a “failed star”…
  • The smell of space is distinct, and it’s been described as a combination of burnt meat, hot metal, and welding fumes…
  • Plus 6 more interesting facts about space.

Teacher Notes:

  • This resource is NOT editable.
  • Answer key included.
  • Related NGSS Standards: NGSS MS-ESS1-1, MS-ESS1-2, MS-ESS1-3


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