Emergency Science Sub Plans


6 NO PREP, ready-to-go sub plans for any secondary science class!

Grades 7 and Up

SAVE BIG OFF LIST PRICES! This bundle of READY-TO-GO and NO PREP emergency science sub plans contains 6 resources that are perfect to leave on days when you cannot leave a more specific plan. Each includes an informative article and a corresponding worksheet that asks text-dependent questions.

Includes both PRINT and DIGITAL options!

These resources are PERFECT AS SUB PLANS because:

  • The topics are engaging for kids and relate science topics to the real world.
  • NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE is required – all the information kids need is included in the text.
  • Clear answer keys are included, making it easy for a sub to review.
  • Each article supports literacy, reading comprehension, and vocabulary acquisition.
  • All included lessons are linked to NGSS science standards.
  • No copies needed! Digital Google Slides versions are provided for all lessons.
  • Using the paper version? Spend less time at the copier! Each article is separate from the student worksheets, so you only need to make one class set of the readings. They can be reused class-class.

INCLUDED ARTICLES (All include a student worksheet with analysis questions):

Health Risks in Space (NGSS MS-ESS1-1)

How Might Animals be Affected by Climate Change? (NGSS MS-ESS3-5, LS2-4)

The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens (NGSS MS-ESS2-2, ESS3-2)

How Were Elements Named? (NGSS MS-PS1-1)

Pro and Cons of Cloning (NGSS MS-LS4-5)

Ocean Acidification (NGSS MS-ESS3-5, LS2-4)

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