Topographic Maps Worksheet


4 Content-Dense Pages of Topographic Map Practice

Grades 7 and Up

This topographic maps worksheet has students practice answering both straightforward and higher-level thinking questions about topo maps. This document contains 9 different maps to analyze. There are 26 multiple choice questions, ALL of which require map analysis, and 2 questions that require students to generate their own simple profile of an elevation. This document helps to prepare students for state standardized tests because it mimics how these exams ask about this topic.

Topographic Map Concepts Included:

  • Contour intervals
  • Elevation differences
  • Recognizing what a topo map’s side profile would be
  • Relative steepness of different areas

More Contour Maps Resources:

Teacher Notes:

  • Please note that this topographic maps worksheet is not editable.
  • Supports: NGSS Earth Science MS-ESS2-2, HS-ESS2-1, and HS-ESS2-2.
  • Check out more resources in the Earth’s changing surface section of our shop!


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