Climate Change Webquest


Includes both PRINT and digital GOOGLE DOCS versions!

Grades 7-10

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Time-consuming, thorough, and curated specifically to target the essential understandings of NGSS MS-ESS3-5: Ask questions to clarify evidence of the factors that have caused the rise in global temperatures over the past century.

This webquest takes students step-by-step through accessing two NASA websites (one current, one archived version). As they read each webpage entry, students answer questions related to the text. Their research and answers guide them to think about 4 Provided Focus Questions:

  1. How are fossil fuels used by humans?
  2. How have greenhouse gases been affected by human activity?
  3. How do we know the climate is changing?
  4. What are the effects of climate change?

The student sheet is 4 pages long (2 front/back) with 37 questions (including answering the 4 provided focus questions). We find this webquest takes about 2 class periods with 7th and 8th graders. A link to climate change online games is provided for fast-finishers.

Teacher Notes:

  • Please note: This resource is NOT editable.
  • While this activity is intended for a middle school audience, it would also be appropriate for high school students in their study of NGSS HS-ESS3-5.
  • A link to the Google Docs version is provided within the downloadable PDF.
  • Check out more climate change resources in the climate change section of our shop!


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