Classification of Matter Notes with Cloze Sheet


Includes BOTH PPT and Google Slides options to assign!

Grades 6 and Up

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These FULLY EDITABLE Classification of Matter Notes (Pure Substances and Mixtures) cover the topics:

  • What are elements, compounds, and mixtures?
  • Pure substances and mixtures are different in many ways:
    • Chemical composition
    • How they can be separated
    • If they keep their properties when they combine
    • If they have characteristic properties
    • How they are represented

Also includes a FULLY EDITABLE Student Sheet (Word doc) where students fill in key blanks as they view the presentation. (This is sometimes called cloze or close notes.)

Teacher Notes:

  • Includes 16-slide presentation and 3-page student sheet.
  • The information included is MIDDLE SCHOOL level.
  • Includes answer key.
  • The link for the Google Slides version of the classification of matter notes is included on the first slide of the PPT.


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