Cellular Respiration Lab Activity


Students learn about cellular respiration as they watch yeast blow up a balloon!

Grades 6 and Up


Students watch as a balloon gets blown up by yeast performing respiration! Easy-prep cells lab for teachers, fun for students!  Fun and super easy!

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Keep it simple with these clear and easy-to-follow investigation instructions. Students add a few ingredients to a balloon and observe the changes over a class period. The laboratory materials are simple, cheap, and easy to obtain, but this is one of the most talked-about labs all year!

Included In Resource:

  • Introduction
  • Materials list
  • Procedure
  • Data table
  • Analysis questions
  • Helpful teacher notes

Simple Materials List: balloon, yeast, sugar, funnel, measuring spoons, tape measures (printable tape measure is provided), warm water

NGSS Standard: MS-LS2-3

NGSS Science & Engineering Practice: Planning and carrying out investigations

NGSS Science & Engineering Practice: Analyzing and interpreting data

Teacher Notes:

  • Please note that this resource is not editable.
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