Static Electricity and Magnetism TEST


This is more than a “definition style” exam!

Grades 7 and 8

Get kids THINKING!  This electricity and magnetism test has simple diagrams to analyze and the questions mimic how NGSS-based standardized tests ask about this subject. This test has 30 multiple choice questions and 2 open response questions.

NGSS Standards Covered: MS-PS2-3 and MS-PS2-5

Topics Covered: This MIDDLE SCHOOL test is designed to assess the essential understandings of NGSS standards MS-PS2-3 and MS-PS2-5, not more advanced details. Students must know:

  • How charged objects react to each other (repel, attract)
  • Basics of static electricity
  • Generalizations about electrical conductors and insulators
  • Introductory understanding of electromagnets
  • Factors that affect the strength of attraction (distance, charge)
  • Magnetism
  • Introductory understanding of magnetic field lines

(Electrical circuits, electrical power, voltage, Ohms, or a more advanced analysis of magnetic fields are NOT included.)

Less copies and easy to correct – save time with our test packet format! The test is 4 pages long (2 front/back) with an additional 2-sided answer sheet. You only have to make one class set of test question packets and then reuse them class to class, as it is only necessary for the students to write on their answer sheet.

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