Weather Worksheets (Set of 4)


Thorough Review of NGSS MS-ESS2-5

Grades 7 and Up

Use these weather worksheets to review and reinforce middle school NGSS weather concepts.

Included Worksheets:

  1. Weather Review
  2. Weather Instruments
  3. Weather Fronts/Maps
  4. Relative Humidity

Individual Descriptions:

Weather Review: 4 CONTENT-DENSE PAGES – 42 question standards-based weather worksheet for homework, test prep, or class review! This worksheet includes weather maps to analyze, prior standardized test questions from various tests, and multiple-choice questions that require a bit more analysis than a typical matching or vocabulary worksheet. Topics covered include:

  • Reading a weather map
  • Cold/warm fronts
  • Air pressure
  • Weather associated with different fronts/pressure systems
  • Basics of convection/wind

Weather Instruments: (2 pages) The worksheet has two sections:

  • Part One: Identify the name and the function of weather tools by looking at their image.
  • Part Two: Students read quick real-world scenarios and decide which weather instrument would be used in that situation.

Included Instruments: anemometer, barometer, windsock, hygrometer, thermometer, rain gauge, weather balloon, weather satellite

Weather Fronts/Maps: (2 pages) This worksheet includes two parts:

  • Part One – Students look at a weather map and answer questions about the weather fronts shown on it.
  • Part Two – Students follow directions to create their own weather map.

Relative Humidity: (3 pages) Middle school level! In this activity, students will:

  • Read basic background information about relative humidity and the tool we use to measure it, the psychrometer.
  • Answer text-dependent questions.
  • Calculate relative humidity.

Teacher Notes:

  • Answer keys included.
  • Please note: these weather worksheets are not editable.
  • Check out more resources in the weather section of our shop!


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