Set of 10 Human Body Organ Systems Presentations and Notes


Includes both PowerPoint and Google Slides options!

Grades 7 and Up

This set of presentations is in our Complete Human Body Systems Curriculum!

Each of the 10 included Organ System Presentations are designed to introduce the human body systems individually. Every organ system includes a corresponding Cloze notes worksheet for the students to complete as they view the presentation.

PLUS… includes a bonus 11th Organization of the Human Body Presentation!

The information included is geared towards introducing the STRUCTURES and FUNCTIONS of each system – not deeper level anatomy and physiology. Perfect for middle school!

Includes an introductory presentation (with cloze notes) for each of the following:

  1. Circulatory system
  2. Digestive system
  3. Respiratory system
  4. Nervous system
  5. Endocrine system
  6. Integumentary system
  7. Reproductive system
  8. Excretory system
  9. Immune system
  10. Musculoskeletal system

(Plus BONUS Organization of the Human Body Notes)

This download includes:

  • 11 PowerPoint presentations (10 body systems + 1 organization of the human body)
  • Links to Google Slides versions of each presentation (11 total)
  • 11 Corresponding fill-in-the-blank worksheets to go along with each presentation (in Word format)

These presentations correspond to our:

  • SET OF 10 Body Systems STATIONS
  • SET OF 10 Body Systems QUIZZES

Teacher Notes:

  • NGSS Standard MS-LS1-3
  • The included PPTs presentations and Cloze notes Word Doc are fully editable.


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