Scientific Method Notes Presentation


HIGH QUALITY and THOROUGH scientific method notes!

Grades 7 and Up

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This presentation on the steps of the scientific method teaches students about the nature of science and how real science is done. Students complete a cloze notes worksheet (provided) as they view the presentation.

Both PowerPoint (PPT) and digital Google Slides options are provided.

Included with purchase:

  • Presentation Version 1: This version includes both notes about the scientific method as well as several check-for-understanding slides that will help you lead a rich classroom discussion as you present the notes.
  • Presentation Version 2: This version includes slides that strictly cover the scientific method and is more streamlined.
  • Cloze Notes Worksheet: This worksheet matches both of the above presentations. Students fill in blanks from the information in the presentation. Both printable PDF and editable Word versions are provided.

Topics Included:

  • Steps of the scientific method (focus question, background research, hypothesis, controlled experiment, conclusion)
  • How to write a good focus question
  • How to write an If… Then… hypothesis
  • Why an experiment must be “controlled”
  • Independent and dependent variables; controls
  • What data is
  • How scientists share what they’ve learned
  • How conclusions are often written in a CER format

Teacher Notes:

  • The Cloze notes student sheet includes an answer key.
  • Please note: These scientific method notes are fully editable.
  • Links to the Google Slides versions of the presentations are provided within the PPT files.
  • Save 50% on this resource in our Scientific Method Unit!


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