Science Class Ice Breaker Activity


Build relationships on the first day of school (or any time!) in a new and fresh way.

Grades 7 and Up

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Students interview classmates to get to know them better, but with a fun science spin!
Students have a lot more fun with this than the same old “get to know you” activities they do in every other class! And, because the angle is so different than other activities, it can be done at any time of year.
Students interview each other about different topics related to science, including:
  • Branches of science related to their hobbies
  • Scientific names of their pets
  • Science careers they might be interested in
  • Funny situations where gravity has affected them
  • Wacky weather they have experienced
Teacher Notes:
  • A Science Reference Sheet is provided to help students understand pet scientific names, branches of science, and science careers.
  • Teacher notes are provided to help the activity run smoothly.
  • Please note that this resource is not editable.
  • Save time and copies by making just one class set of the reference sheet and reusing it class-to-class.


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