Middle School PHYSICAL SCIENCE Final Exam


This final test spans an entire year of middle school physical science.

Grades 6 – 8

2 VERSIONS of a middle school PHYSICAL SCIENCE PRE-ASSESSMENT or FINAL EXAM!  Both tests cover the same topics but have different levels of rigor.

NGSS Topics Covered Include:

  • Properties of Matter (mass, volume, weight, density)
  • Pure Substances vs. Mixtures (elements, compounds, mixtures)
  • Physical vs. Chemical Changes
  • Energy (kinetic/potential and energy transformations)
  • Particle Motion & Heat Transfer (conduction, convection, radiation)
  • Speed & Motion
  • Newton’s Laws
  • Electrical Force
  • Gravitational Force

NGSS Standards Covered:

MS-PS1-1, MS-PS1-2, MS-PS1-3, MS-PS1-4, MS-PS1-5, MS-PS1-6, MS-PS2-1, MS-PS2-2, MS-PS2-3, MS-PS2-4, MS-PS2-5, MS-PS3-1, MS-PS3-2, MS-PS3-3, MS-PS3-4, MS-PS3-5, MS-PS4-1, MS-PS4-2, MS-PS4-3


  • This is not a “definition-style” test! This test focuses on the essential understandings of middle school physical science topics. The questions are “big picture” in nature and mimic the way NGSS-based standardized tests generally ask about these topics. The questions include some simple diagrams and charts to analyze and require some thinking.
  • 50 questions.
  • Less copies and easy to correct – save time with our test packet format! This version of the test has a test question packet (4 pages front/back) and a separate answer sheet (1 page). You only need to make one class set of copies of the test question packet because it can be reused class-to-class. Students ONLY write on their provided answer sheet.


  • This is essentially a matching and fill-in-the-blank test. This test is more of a straightforward “definition style” exam.
  • 25 questions
  • Designed to be streamlined and easy to correct!
  • Two versions: They have identical questions, but in a different order so that wandering eyes will have trouble copying their neighbor.

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