Physical Changes and Chemical Reactions Unit


Complete, Comprehensive, and Engaging Unit on Physical and Chemical Changes to Matter

Grades 7 and Up

Save 50% off list prices! This Physical Changes and Chemical Reactions Unit contains every resource we use to teach and assess physical and chemical changes to matter, chemical reactions, and the law of conservation of matter.

All of the work has been done for you – from start to finish!

These 18 resources form a COMPLETE AND COMPREHENSIVE UNIT, including:

✅ Editable Presentations (in PPT and Google Slides)

✅ Varied and Engaging Supporting Activities

✅ Hands-On Labs with Easy Supplies

✅ Unit Project

✅ Assessments

✅ Content-Based Sub Plan

This unit includes the following LESSONS:

  1. Physical & Chemical Properties Reading & Questions
  2. Changes to Matter Presentation
  3. Physical & Chemical Changes Sorting Activity
  4. Chemical and Physical Changes Worksheet
  5. Penny Lab (Ongoing Through Unit)
  6. Poster Project (Ongoing Through Unit)
  7. Physical & Chemical Change C·E·R
  8. Chemical Reactions Presentation
  9. Chemical Reactions Worksheets (2)
  10. Conservation of Mass Worksheet
  11. Conservation of Mass Lab
  12. Evidence of a Chemical Reaction Mini-Labs
  13. Physical & Chemical Changes Quiz
  14. Conservation of Mass Quiz
  15. Physical & Chemical Changes Review Cards
  16. Test Review Worksheet
  17. Physical and Chemical Changes Test
  18. Unit-Based Sub Plan

Supplies Required for this Unit:

  • For the Penny Lab: Sandpaper (any grit will work), pennies (after 1983), cups or water bottles, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, Sprite (or any substitute liquids of your choice)
  • For the Evidence of a Chemical Reaction Lab: There are 8 mini-labs to choose from. Each only uses supplies easily found in a grocery store, such as baking soda, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, Epsom salt, etc.
  • ALL OTHER ACTIVITIES are paper-based.

Teacher Notes:

  • All answer keys are included.
  • The resources in this Physical Changes and Chemical Reactions Unit are NOT editable.
  • The included resources take approximately 2-2.5 weeks to complete.
  • Most included resources have both print and Google Slides options to assign.

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