Famous Earthquakes and Volcanoes Reading and Worksheet


Students read an engaging article about the TOP 10 EARTHQUAKES AND VOLCANOES that changed the world. Perfect as an Earth science or plate tectonics sub plan!


Grades 7 and Up

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In this activity, students will:

  • READ an article that covers 5 earthquakes and 5 volcanoes. Students will read about where and how it happened and how the event changed history.
  • COMPLETE a grid that summarizes how each event changed history.
  • ANSWER text-dependent questions. No prior knowledge is required – all information in the questions can be found in the reading.

Examples of How Events Changed History:

  • After the Great Lisbon earthquake of Portugal in 1755, people began to make earthquake-resistant buildings.
  • The 1815 Mount Tambora volcano in Indonesia caused a volcanic winter that caused widespread famine.
  • The 2004 tsunami caused by the Indian Ocean earthquake in Sumatra highlighted the need for early tsunami detection tools.
  • Plus 7 more history-changing examples!

Teacher Notes:


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