Energy Transformations Worksheet with Renewable Energy Examples


This energy transformations worksheet has students read about how we get electricity from RENEWABLE ENERGY and identify the energy transformations that occur in each process.

Grades 7 and Up

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Students will read brief passages and answer questions about:

  • Solar Panels (radiant to electric)
  • Wind Turbines (mechanical to electric)
  • Hydroelectric Dams (gravitational potential to mechanical to electric)
  • Geothermal Energy (thermal to mechanical to electric)

Includes both print and Google Slides options to assign.

Teacher Notes:

  • Please note: This resource does not teach energy transformations or forms of energy. It is an extension activity when students already know this topic.
  • This resource is not editable.
  • An answer key is included.
  • A link to the Google Slides version is provided in the downloadable PDF.
  • We have lots of related resources in the ENERGY SECTION OF OUR STORE.


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