Rosalind Franklin Reading and Worksheet


Students read about Rosalind Franklin, a scientist who was highly impactful in the discovery of the structure of DNA.

Grades 7 and Up

Rosalind Franklin Reading and Questions – Perfect for Women’s History Month in Science! 

Includes both PRINT and GOOGLE SLIDES versions!

In this activity, students will:

  • READ a middle school-level scientist biography about Rosalind Franklin’s contributions to the discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule and the lack of credit that was given to her.
  • ANSWER text-dependent questions on a separate worksheet.

Teacher Notes:

  • Makes a great sub plan!
  • Related NGSS standard: MS-LS3-1
  • Includes an answer key.
  • Please note: this Rosalind Franklin reading is not editable.
  • Find lots more in the DNA & heredity section of our shop!


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