Diverse Scientists Biography Article Set


Students learn more about a diverse group of scientists who have made incredible contributions to science.

Grades 7 and Up

SAVE 50% OFF of 16 scientist stories! In this diverse scientists biography article set, students learn about 16 famous and not-so-famous scientists who have made major contributions to science, some historical and some from more modern times.

Each resource includes an engaging article about a scientist AND a corresponding worksheet with text-dependent questions to answer.

Each included activity has both a PRINT and GOOGLE SLIDES option to assign!

These 16 biographies make PERFECT emergency science sub plans because:

  • No prior knowledge is required – all of the answers to questions appear in the text.
  • The general science content is applicable to any upper middle school or high school science course.
  • Answer keys are included, so your sub can easily review the correct answers.
  • All included activities can be assigned on either paper (with the included PDF) or directly through Google Classroom (with the included Google Slides versions).

Scientists Included:

  1. Rosalind Franklin: Unsung DNA Researcher
  2. Dr. Marie Daly: 1st Black Woman to Earn a PhD in Chemistry
  3. Vivien Thomas: Inventor of Blue Baby Syndrome Surgery
  4. Sir Isaac Newton: Laws of Motion and Gravity
  5. Alfred Wegener: Provided Evidence of Continental Drift
  6. Mary Leakey: Fossil Hunter, Found Early Human Ancestors
  7. Valerie Thomas: NASA Engineer, Inventor of Illusion Transmitter
  8. John Herrington: 1st Native American Tribe Member in Space
  9. Cecelia Payne: Discover Composition of Stars
  10. Dmitri Mendeleev: “Father of the Periodic Table”
  11. Olga González-Sanabria: NASA Chemical Engineer, Invented ISS Batteries
  12. Percy Julian: Chemist, Developed Cortisone and Other Meds
  13. Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte: 1st Native American to Earn a Medical Degree
  14. Nikola Tesla: Electricity Pioneer
  15. Bisi Ezerioha: Race Car Engineer
  16. Dr. Jane Wright: Cancer Research and Chemotherapy Pioneer
  17. FREE BONUS: 10 Scientists Every Kid Should Know (But Probably Doesn’t!)

Teacher Notes:

  • All answer keys are included.
  • Please note: this diverse scientists biography article set is not editable.
  • The links to the Google Slides versions are included in the downloadable PDFs.
  • Check out my What Does a Scientist Look Like? blog!


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