Black Scientist Activity BUNDLE


Fun activities introduce students to many important scientists!

Grades 7 and Up

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Show the many important ways African American scientists have contributed to scientific discoveries using an easy-to-implement timeline project, engaging webquests, and biography readings with worksheets.

Plus, each included resource (except the large timeline project) includes both print and Google Slides options to assign!

Bundle Includes 10 Activities:


Individual Resource Descriptions:

African American Achievements in Science TIMELINE PROJECTPrint and go! EASY – JUST PRINT, CUT & BUILD! Everything you need is included for students to create an African American Achievements in Science timeline. A variety of scientists are included with dates ranging from 1792 through today. Includes two differentiated versions.

Valerie Thomas, NASA Astronomer Biography & QuestionsValerie Thomas led many important programs at NASA, especially those related to satellites. She is best known for inventing the illusion transmitter, the precursor to today’s 3D technology.

Vivien Thomas, Cardiology Pioneer – Biography & Questions: Vivien Thomas played a vital role in developing several life-saving surgical techniques, including surgically correcting blue baby syndrome and implanting automatic defibrillators.

Dr. Marie Maynard Daly, Chemist – Biography & QuestionsDr. Marie Maynard Daly was the first African American woman to earn a PhD in chemistry, and her remarkable work as a chemist has had implications for the understanding of the structure of DNA, gene expression, and cardiovascular health.

Percy Julian, Chemist – Biography & QuestionsPercy Julian played a vital role in developing easier and cheaper ways to extract steroids from plants, making life-changing medicines, such as cortisone, available for millions.

Dr. Jane C. Wright, Cancer Researcher – Biography & Questions: Dr. Jane C. Wright revolutionized chemotherapy research, and her work is the basis for cancer treatment to this day.

Bisi Ezerioha, Engineer- Biography & QuestionsBisi Ezerioha is an engineer whose passion for race cars led him to start his own race car motor engineering company, Bisimoto Engineering.

African American Contributions to Science WEBQUESTS3 Separate Webquest Resources – Can be used individually or together! Students learn more about Black scientists.

Teacher Notes:

  • All answer keys are included.
  • Please note: these documents are not editable.
  • GO PAPERLESS! Each included Black scientist activity (except the large timeline project) includes both print and Google Slides options to assign!
  • We have lots of resources like this in the representation in science section of our shop!


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